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[PR/Article] Neovision develops contact lenses by applying MPC material

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Neovision (CEO Kyung-hwa Kim) announced that it has developed a contact lens with 12% MPC applied through R&D for over 3 years.

MPC (Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphoryl Choline) lenses, commonly called PC lenses or Perth cone lenses, have unique features. MPC is a material used to coat artificial organs that replace human organs. It is used in various fields such as artificial heart and artificial joint.

According to Neovision, when such MPC is applied to contact lenses, biocompatibility (comfortable fit), anti-pollution effect, and moisturizing effect can be expected. Contact lenses to which MPC is applied form a barrier on the lens to form a moisture protective film against external substances. As a result, it suppresses the release of moisture in the eyeball and maintains a moist state for a long time.

A Neovision official said, "MPC has a molecular structure similar to the phospholipid layer in human cell membrane and is used as a human-compatible medical material." We plan to work hard to develop contact lenses similar to those of

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