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[PR/Article] Neovision won the 2021 Korea Innovation Award

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Neovision (CEO Kim Kyung-wha) won the grand prize in the material innovation category in the contact lens field at the '2021 Korea Innovation Awards' of Money Today.

The 2021 Republic of Korea Innovation Awards was established to praise and encourage innovative companies such as technology, management, and products, in line with the present time when government efforts to overcome the economic downturn and national participation are required.

Neovision, a professional contact lens company, was established in 1993 as Pungkwang Optics and converted into a corporation in 2003. In addition to cosmetic contact lenses, Neovision introduced a variety of products such as vision correction lenses to over 65 countries including China, Japan, the Philippines, and Malaysia, thereby expanding the Korean contact lens industry. is leading

In 2006, it acquired the patent technology for the 'sandwich method (inside coating)' that puts color between the lens and the lens in Korea, and built a high-efficiency production system by creating a casting mold-based sandwich method combining production efficiency and quality stability . In addition, by using only dyes approved by the US FDA, cosmetic contact lenses can be used without fear of discoloration or discoloration.

In particular, the MPC material of 'NEOiSM', a contact lens brand newly introduced by Neovision, has a molecular structure similar to the phospholipid layer in the cell membrane, and is known as a material with excellent compatibility with the human body.

Neovision jointly developed a contact lens with a built-in micro drug pump with Sogang University in 2018. is going

Neovision CEO Kim Kyung-wha said, "We will continue to supply contact lenses with improved quality through continuous technology development and manufacturing innovation to domestic and overseas markets at reasonable prices."

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